Jim Cornette is the latest wrestling personality to make the jump to video-sharing platform YouTube. He has officially revealed his official YouTube channel and gave the proverbial middle finger to “bootleg” content available on the platform.
In the announcement video for the channel, Cornette had the following comments:

“Hello again everybody, this is Jim Cornette, and I am welcoming you to my brand-new, official YouTube page! That’s right! It’s me, it is myself, and it is I. This is official. Accept no substitutes. This is the place to come from now on for anything related to Jim Cornette on YouTube…
“Thanks to the technical wizardry of modern-day, it is my YouTube channel. That’s my YouTube channel, and we’re sticking to it. If you want to hear Jim Cornette on YouTube, this is the official place to come. Anything else is bootleg and you could get busted by the cops.”

If you’re a fan of Jim Cornette and hope to hear or see further content from him, you can subscribe to the YouTube channel here. As it stands, the announcement video is the only video he has uploaded so far, just a few hours ago.
Are you a fan of Cornette? What are your favorite and least favorite memories of the wrestling figure? Let us know your thoughts, opinions, and reactions in those comments below.
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