Roddy Piper was a man with an incredibly unique personality and he was known for his fiery delivery and being known as The Hot Rod. But apparently, he was also incredibly afraid of snaked to the point where he was willing to shoot someone over a serpent.
Jake Roberts recently spoke about his career on the Joe Rogan Experience where he told a story about one time when he tried to pull a rib on Piper, but the Hot Rod was more than ready for him.

“Piper’s terrified of snakes. Piper pulled a gun on me one time over a snake. Yeah, I snuck up behind him with a snake and he f*ckin’ heard me and he goes: ‘Jake!’ I go, ‘Yeah?’ — He goes, ‘I know what you’re f*ckin’ doin’!’ and he gets his f*ckin’ pistol and pulls it out and goes, ‘Motherf*cker! I’ll kill ya!’ — ‘Okay, Roddy, I get, I get!’ The guy was shakin’ man.”

This just goes to show you that you never know what can happen when you surprise someone. After all, you might just end up with a gun in your face.
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