Nia Jax has nuclear heat with fans and apparently, there are some backstage in WWE who aren’t very fond of her getting a push after injuring Becky Lynch either. But now Jax is don’t reading all the hate in her timeline.
Jax is spending the Thanksgiving holiday like so many others, but she decided to do it without picking up her phone for two days. Needless to say, she had a lot of notifications when she logged back into Twitter.

“Imagine being able to put ur phone down for 2 days & enjoy quality time w/fam & friends w/o needing to post it for VALIDATION. Oh wait, you TROLLS don’t know what it means to have genuine relationships! Stay mad at my success”

Yes, she used the #Facebreaker to draw more heat on herself while trying to tell her trolls off. This probably won’t make things better for Nia Jax, but at this point, the more heat she gets means the better position she seems to be with WWE.

Felix Upton

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