During Survivor Series, RAW Tag Team Champions AOP took on SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Bar. During that match, Drake Maverick of the AOP was running away from The Big Show when the cameras revealed Maverick had unintentionally peed his pants.
This incident was intentional and used in the programming at Survivor Series and on RAW the following night. To celebrate Thanksgiving, Maverick spent time with EC3. The two are good friends, going back so far as their time together in Impact Wrestling. Pulling a gag on his friend, EC3 took a photo for Instagram showing himself in the same situation Maverick had been in.
Take a look at the reaction Maverick has in learning that EC3 is poking fun at the Survivor Series incident in the image below:

Multiple wrestling personalities have since reacted to the photo on EC3’s Instagram account- as “The Top 1%” hashtagged the post with #TopOnePeecent and #ECPee, continuing to mock one of his best friends.
Obviously, this is nothing more than a joke to the two of them, though it definitely shows a less serious side to EC3- which fans can generally find on his social media.
What was your reaction to the incident at Survivor Series? Do you applaud EC3 for this? Let us know your thoughts, opinions, and reactions in those comments below.

Steve Carrier

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