Conor McGregor Offers To Assist Becky Lynch After She Threatened To Break His Arm

Conor McGregor is known all over the world as an Irishman who doesn’t take any kind of guff from anyone and his counterpart in pro wrestling very well might be Becky Lynch.

Lynch and McGregor have a lot in common other than simply country of origin as well. After all, they both have that fiery temper and an ability to put their heads down and barrel through the haters.

Lynch recently tweeted out in responding to an article saying that she was channeling her inner McGregor that she and The Notorious are bonded as Irish brother and sister and she would still break his arm and their Irish bond in about three seconds if given the chance.

McGregor obviously saw this verified tweet come his way and simply responded: “Call me when you need Proper back up.”

Given that Ronda Rousey might be Lynch’s WrestleMania opponent, this could open the door for a very appealing situation for WrestleMania if they could, in fact, snag McGregor for some kind of an angle to ensure Rousey vs Lynch would get a main event billing.