“Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake or #BTFBB as he’s known nowadays has been a part of the pro wrestling world for decades and used to be Hulk Hogan’s best pal. But that relationship seems to have washed away a bit as Beefcake’s autobiography on his career exposed a ton about how things went down even down to how Hogan was able to secure HGH from overseas to assist Brutus in his recovery after his awful parasailing accident.
Beefcake is still around and he’s been known to drop in on a convention or two and sign some items or take a selfie with someone for cash. He is also fodder for many stories on the Something To Wrestle With podcast too as that podcast’s popularity seemed to have driven up Brutus’ asking price.
But it seems that one indie promoter and fans who showed up to a recent event won’t have the best Brutus stories to tell after the former WWE Superstar no-showed an event after the promoter paid in advance. CWE got stiffed by Brutus and he no-showed the last few dates of their recent tour.
But Jimmy Jacobs was able to fill in for him so he’s thankful for that on this day of turkey, being thankful for things, and starting Black Friday at 2:00pm on Thursday.
Jacobs, who is a former WWE writer and brilliant mind in pro wrestling wrote on Twitter: “And a special thanks to Brutus Beefcake for getting paid up front then skipping out on the last few days of the tour, thereby allowing me to fill in as a last minute replacement and have a blast these past three days returning to CWE Canada.”
It’s pretty unprofessional for BTFBB to no-show dates after being promoted and paid in advance. But at least it worked out well for The Zombie Princess.

(Thanks to Cassidy Haynes of Bodyslam.net for contributing)

Felix Upton

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