WWE has a lot of big plans ahead of them in 2019 as they start up new deal with Fox in October 2019, but fans will also get a chance to pay more for the WWE Network in order to get new exclusive material. WWE house shows are historically way more fun than pay-per-views and television shows and it looks like this new move to Fox has caused WWE to implement a splitting of their production staff which will allow for more house shows to be recorded for the WWE Network at the same time.
Bryan Alvarez discussed WWE’s plan to split up their production crew during Wrestling Observer Live. It looks like WWE has a complicated plan, but it will probably work out for the best as they must accommodate for a live television taping on Fridays in their already hectic schedule.

“Obviously SmackDown is going to be moving to Fox in October 2019 and I don’t have all of the details right now but they’re going to be doing split production crews. So those people who were wondering how they’ll be doing this, I mean normally they would do Survivor Series, for example, the pay-per-view would be on Sunday, then the production crew does Raw on Monday, then the production crew does SmackDown on Tuesday.”
“Obviously if you’ve got a Raw show on Monday and a SmackDown show on Friday that’s a lot of time for the crew to be hanging around doing nothing so they’re doing to split the crews and there will be a crew I believe that will start working on Friday, do SmackDown Live and then do the house show on Saturday. Another crew that’s going to be doing the Sunday pay-per-view, the Monday Raw, and I guess the Tuesday where ever they do a house show whatever they’re doing for the whole deal.”
“But I guess because of these split crews and because of the fact that they’re going to be on the road for things and because WWE has pretty much mentioned this in their surveys they are going to do more house shows on the WWE Network.”

It sounds like WWE is not only answering some questions as to how they’re going to pull off SmackDown Live on Fridays in October next year, but we also know how they’ll be able to accomplish getting house shows on the WWE Network as well.
Only time will tell what else WWE is going to add to the Network to convince people to pay extra for a higher tier, but we’re definitely getting house shows on the WWE Network and their new schedule due to the Fox Sports move will actually help WWE pull off as much content as possible.
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