WWE has been dropping Roman Reigns’ name and getting heat off of his leukemia since the night he announced he was taking a medical leave of absence on October 22nd. It seems that on a weekly basis, they bring up The Big Dog’s name and Dean Ambrose threw a heavy shot Roman’s direction while cutting a promo against Seth Rollins this week which made some fans quite irritated.
But as we get closer to WrestleMania, it seems the Roman Reigns verbiage isn’t going to stop. It’s a good thing in a manner of speaking that WWE is keeping Roman’s name in the product, but it would be much more ideal under better circumstances.
Bryan Alvarez asked during Wrestling Observer Radio if WWE’s constant mention of Reigns meant that he’s doing better with his treatments and might be factored into some kind of WWE storyline for a possible return sooner than we first thought, but Dave Meltzer replied that doesn’t seem to be the case.

“There’s no plans for Roman at WrestleMania if that’s what you mean as far as wrestling at WrestleMania. But as far as is he doing well? You know they’re going to keep everything a secret.”

Although they’re not talking about Roman’s progress right now, the thought is that Reigns will be back and he will be a “super babyface” upon his re-entry into WWE’s storylines.
So it looks like Vince McMahon is to blame for the Roman Reigns mentions that keep coming up and WWE has no real plan for his return, or at least they’re not revealing anything yet. So you can expect for WWE to probably keep getting as much heat as they can from Roman’s unfortunate situation as they continue to tell the stories leading to whatever they have going on down the line even if it doesn’t include a return of The Big Dog..
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