WWE Confirms Braun Strowman’s Serious Injuries

Baron Corbin laid Baron Corbin out with a chair this week on Raw in a brutal assault following the opening contest of the show. But before the spot where Corbin sandwiched Braun’s arm between the steel ring steps, he was still busted open and sustained a lot of damage.

WWE has released a news update on Braun Strowman’s injuries that he sustained during the assault on Raw. They aren’t very specific, but it seems like the injuries are serious.

“WWE.com can confirm that Strowman sustained serious injuries in the attack, and is undergoing evaluation by medical personnel to determine the extent of the damage.”

We will let you know more information as we get it. At this time it’s also unclear whether or not Strowman was actually injured of if this is a work to build toward his upcoming TLC match at the TLC event on December 16th against Baron Corbin.