Enzo Amore is now rapping as Real1 and he has a lot of interesting things to say in his songs. So far we’ve heard him release a diss track for his rape accuser and then he buried the Enzo Amore character to the best of his ability in the music video. Bury Me A G was also an interesting look into what he had in mind as an artist and now we have another track, but this one is about his ex Liv Morgan.
Now we introduce “Liv A 30 for 30” which is a lighter sounding song than what we’ve heard before from Real1, but this love song includes lines like “I know how the game works. I done put you on the game first. It’s only a matter of time before you’re smashing what’s his name at work.”
Apparently, they weren’t on speaking terms even when he would see her during shows, “So much that I could say to you. You reached out to me repeatedly, I see you every week, ain’t got shit to say to you.” So it sounds like there was definitely some communication issues.
He mentioned how he was tagged in “thirsty picture posting you been doing on the gram [Instagram]” which sounds like Liv Morgan seeing how active she is on the popular social network website.
Real1 also included a line that makes us think that things aren’t too cool between Liv and Enzo as he rapped, “I don’t want to give you hope, I could never just be friends. So I told you and I quote, “I mean this when I say, never speak to me again.’ Let that burn.”

This is Real1’s side and although Liv Morgan hasn’t spoken or rapped about this in detail yet, she did post something on social media which leads us to believe that her version of the story might be much different than Real1’s.
Morgan posted a picture of herself on Twitter sipping some water while looking happy with the line, “Me knowing that I’m single and nobody cheating on me,” in September 2017 which was our first big clue the couple had parted.
Whether this song is really about Morgan or just an attempt to get even more eyes on his latest song remains to be seen because Enzo hasn’t let us in on the creative process for this joint yet. But it is a very interesting thing to rap about if there isn’t some fire to the smoke in this now extinguished relationship.

Thanks to Pro Wrestling Sheet for the quotes

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