Chris Jericho Comes Down On Wrestlers Taking Time Off For Injury When He Never Had To

Chris Jericho should be in the WWE Hall Of Fame one day and his career has spanned decades but he is proud to say that he has never been plagued with an injury.

In today’s pro wrestling world, injuries seem to be a constant worry. As medical advancements take place, more and more wrestlers are starting to become more aware of injuries and the long-term problems that can arise when they aren’t taken care of. But this has never been an issue for Y2J.

“Call me ‘old timer’ or ‘out of touch’ but in 28 years I’ve only missed ONE WEEK due to Injury. It’s a work guys. Stop acting like it’s not,” Jericho wrote on Twitter.

It seems like Jericho is pretty proud of himself for being able to continue on and fight through any pain he might have had. He was a full-time Superstar long enough to know how to make it through.