Becky Lynch Reacts To Big Show Saying He Got Goosebumps Watching Her Bloody Segment On WWE Raw

Becky Lynch is unable to compete at WWE Survivor Series this Sunday because of an injury she sustained in the SmackDown Invasion of Raw. Nia Jax clocked her in the face and caused a broken nose and concussion. You can check out a video of Lynch discovering that she is unable to work the big show against Ronda Rousey here to see the heartbreak first-hand.

When Big Show saw this spot go down, he saw business. Lynch popped right back up and remained a fighting champion. But WWE denied her medical clearance the next day. Show recently spoke to Busted Open Radio about what he thought about the segment on Raw and apparently, it gave him giant-sized goosebumps.

“This is a physical business. Know this is an entertainment business, know that there’s a predetermined outcome, all that we know. But you can’t fake gravity and physical contact happens. Nia is a strong girl and she caught Becky.”

“The thing about it that I love about Becky, she took a full-blown shot to the face, nose bleeding. You and I both know guys, Bubba [Dudley] who would be crying and whining like little babies if they took a shot like that. What was Becky Lynch doing on stage?”

Busted Open Radio co-host Bubba Ray Dudley replied that Lynch was “standing there like The Man” and Big Show agreed whole-heartedly.

“Like The Man grinning! Like, ‘That’s all that you got?’ Oh my goodness man, give me goosebumps, give me goosebumps. That now to me, that’s business right there.”

Becky Lynch obviously heard The Big Show’s reply and she commented back at his statements without any relentlessness at all, in fact, The Man was her typical self because apparently, Lynch is picking fights with strangers just to “feel alive” since WWE won’t let her mix it up in the ring..

“Getting goosebumps from my face lumps. Hey, Big Show see can you pull some strings to get The Man out of doctor jail. I’m down in the supermarket picking fights with randos just to feel alive.”

You can check out The Big Show’s comments below to hear how happy he was to see this spot go down on Raw. Becky Lynch’s injuries are keeping her out of action and that’s both sad and frustrating, but it looks like this injury could have really opened up WWE’s eyes to how big of a Superstar she can really be.

It will be interesting to see if Becky Lynch gets involved at Survivor Series in any way, especially Ronda Rousey vs Charlotte Flair to help Flair beat Ronda to possibly continue their storyline to WrestleMania. I’m sure Becky would go and have a match right now because her spirit is still unharmed. But only time will tell how long it will be until WWE gives her permission to get back into the ring with how careful they are being about concussions in the PG Era.

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