Daniel Bryan has been advocating to turn heel for a while now because he hasn’t received much of a push at all since his triumphant return from injury. But not that he’s the WWE Champion once again and has turned full heel, he suddenly has what could be his greatest challenge ahead of him in the form of Brock Lesnar.
Dave Scherer speculated on PW Insider Elite audio that there could be some resentment left over from Bryan declining to work WWE Crown Jewel. Although it’s a far-fetched idea, it might be something to keep in the back of your head.
It was speculated that WWE might have found themselves with a match that they didn’t want to do in AJ Styles vs Brock Lesnar because Styles would most likely have to lose again. So WWE came up with another idea.

“How did they get out of that? Putting a guy with head issues, brain issues, and concussions in the ring with a guy that really tends to stiff people. So if you’re really wondering what the receipt will be for Daniel Bryan not going to Saudi Arabia, and I’m saying this jokingly […] it’s getting in the ring with this guy after this just happened. That’s the bottom line, that’s what we’re seeing here.”

Scherer was trying his best to be humorous but you never know what ideas could really be floating around in WWE. After all, he’s not the first to speculate this as others on Wrestling Twitter did the same. Hopefully, Daniel Bryan won’t be injured in his Survivor Series match against Lesnar.

It’s also important to remember that this match was scheduled to be the end of Bryan’s WWE Championship run following WrestleMania XXX. Lesnar was supposed to destroy Bryan at SummerSlam, only Daniel had to retire so John Cena took his place and ate 16 German Suplexes for every title run Cena has had. Also, the fact that winning the WWE Championship and getting a match against Brock Lesnar is a great thing for anyone also plays into the reason why this was likely a bold creative change and no form of punishment.

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