Wrestling Twitter is interesting in the fact that you never know who will be reading what you write about them on the internet. It seems that nobody expected that a simple question from Cody Rhodes would result in this kind of controversy, but that’s just what happened.
One fan replied that CM Punk was “done with wrestling” but then he took it a step farther by saying that Punk has “no problem cashing in on his name and being an a****** to fans at signings.”
CM Punk just happened to read this reply and commented back saying “Hm, I say never happened. However, YOU being an assh*le to women on Twitter deems to be a thing. Should probably delete that. Your account that is.”
Punk included a previous tweet from this guy saying: “How sexy was Mickie James looking last night on WWE Raw? Married or not, the things I’d do to her in bed, well, let’s just say they are probably illegal in some states.”
Cody replied to a comment saying “owned” with his own version of what just went down. You didn’t own anybody. You were embarrassed.  Also, don’t apply for any type of major job where they check social media(90% of all jobs now)…some terrible shit here”
This might give someone second thoughts before they post “send” on their Twitter profile.

H Jenkins

I love pro wrestling and hate BS. These two things drive me. Years of experience in writing, journalism, and digging exclusive insider info for Ringside News. Worked in finance before realizing pro wrestling journalism made much less sense. Pro beachballs at pro wrestling shows, pro dives if someone catches, anti bullies, olives, and pineapples on pizza.

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