CM Punk has been through a lot in his pro wrestling career and he continues on in his post-WWE experience doing whatever he wants at this point. He recently had a chance to revisit a childhood memory as he played Bozo The Clown’s famous Grand Prize Game. Some fans might not realize it, but CM Punk was actually on the famous clown’s television show when he was a kid. This was way before he had any tattoos, but he was still a comedian. He played a game on the show where kids traded hats (a game that would never be okay nowadays due to lice). You can check out that video below if you don’t believe us.

WGN  recently had the Second City Savior in their studio where he go to revisit this treasured childhood memory and play a grand prize game just like they did on the Bozo TV Show.
Of course, now Punk is much older so he is better than he might have been years ago, but he was still declared a champion.
It should be noted that Punk was introduced as a “former pro wrestler” and he intends on staying that way. After all, he was asked what it would take to make a return to the ring and he said “a time machine.” So it looks like those days are gone.
Although Punk isn’t in WWE anymore he’s not hard to find and if his announcing career picks up in MMA he might get himself a fun little career to pursue as well. But in the meantime, it’s cool to see he’s having a good time doing whatever he pleases as long as he has fun doing it.

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