Carmella and Big Cass were romantically linked for a very good amount of time and were even a couple during the one season of Total Divas that Carmella was a cast member on. But somewhere down the line, the two drifted apart and for one reason or another, they are no longer a couple.
Big Cass’ injury might have played a part in their breakup since he wasn’t on the road but she was and experiencing a good run as Ms. Money In The Bank. Now Mella is Money, but she isn’t attached to Big Cass romantically.
Fans have wondered if she’s found someone else, and apparently, we might have our answer. The former SmackDown Women’s Champion recently posted a little meme on her Instagram story that at first glance is clever, but it could be telling so much more.
The general theme is that she has a big bed and nobody to share it with would be the general consensus for anyone trying to figure out why Carmella would post such a meme.
if I were a betting man Carmella is still single. But it’s got to be tough being on the road so much and trying to fit romance into her life at the same time. Right now she’s enjoying a great run complete with Dance Breaks that are lighting up the blue brand and going viral on social media so Mella is doing just fine even if she has to sleep alone.

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