Becky Lynch is The Man and at this point, it’s hard to find a more popular WWE Superstar. Her popularity skyrocketed after WWE Evolution but it was on a great upswing even before that. Now with her legion of fans, she is walking into Survivor Series with a ton of momentum behind her.
Ronda Rousey has been busted open before and she has also made opponents bleed too. But never in a pro wrestling ring. All of that might change at Survivor Series especially considering the fact that it might not take much to bust Lynch open once again since she only has 6 days to heal her wound.
But in the meantime, it looks like Becky Lynch is enjoying her exposure and recent blood covered cameo on the red brand. She even made a pic of her bloody face her new profile picture for all to see. It’s important to note that this picture is not in black and white but expect any future clips of the invasion to be black and white to fall in line with WWE’s policy of not showing any red blood during the PG Era.
Hopefully, Lynch will be okay to wrestle on Sunday but a little bump on the face isn’t going to keep her from working in what could be the biggest match of her career. At this point, Lynch seems more than motivated so Ronda Rousey might be facing her toughest challenge to date in WWE.

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