Impact Wrestling Could Survive But Not By Much If They Lose Another TV Deal

Impact Wrestling has been fighting to keep their doors open since their debut as a company with weekly pay-per-views. But so much time has passed, it seems like Impact Wrestling might not be going anywhere. But it’s important to remember that pro wrestling companies have closed before who survived longer than Impact Wrestling has.

Dave Meltzer was asked during Wrestling Observer Radio if Impact Wrestling could survive after losing another television deal. Pop TV moved them to 10:00 pm on Thursdays which is not a primetime slot at all and people have work in the morning as well. Although Meltzer was hopeful that Impact could remain alive, he also noted that it wouldn’t be by much if they lost another television contract at this stage.

“If it doesn’t get another TV, I would say then no. With no TV I don’t think. Maybe they could still ‘survive’ but it wouldn’t be much of a survival. But it’s tough now even with Pop. I mean they’re still around. They’re still taping. Their TV is still pretty good. I enjoy it when I watch it. I think the timeslot move hurt a lot.”

Hopefully, Impact Wrestling will stay in business and they will be able to turn things around. They have a great roster of talent and seem to be pulling in even more big names as time goes on. But losing another television deal can’t be a good thing, especially if they don’t have somewhere else they can jump to where their audience can find them.

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