Becky Lynch Busted Open On WWE Raw Before Survivor Series

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Becky Lynch is The Man and she certainly proved that on Raw this week when she showed up to jump Ronda Rousey in the backstage area. But when she came out to the ring, it didn’t take long for things to really get messy.

Lynch was struck in the face and busted wide open. She was bleeding all over the place and the commentary team remarked that she could have a broken nose. She didn’t do anything to hide the blood, nor did WWE as they let the closing segment of the night go off without a hitch.

Becky Lynch also no-sold her bloody injury like a total champ as well. It was a pretty impressive way to end the show, that’s for sure.

We’re not sure exactly who hit Lynch to cause the injury, but it didn’t change the big smile on her face as she left at the conclusion of Raw after her SmackDown Live women laid waste to the red brand’s team.

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