Roman Reigns started off Raw this week but he had a very sad announcement to make. He didn’t speak as himself, but rather as his true self, Joe Anoaʻi, a man who has been battling leukemia for 11 years. It was in remission, but now it has come back and he was forced to relinquish the Universal Title.
It was a sad turn of events, and when he got backstage, he received a huge welcome of love and support in the Gorilla Position. One by one, Superstars and legends lined up to speak to Reigns and give him a hug before he left. It’s interesting that they cut out whatever happened between him and Baron Corbin, but you can clearly hear Paul Heyman whisper, “You are not alone,” in Reigns’ ear.
He gives another mass hug and then left to his rental car while joking not to get it on film because it’s not even a full-size SUV. He said it was a last-minute thing. He’s been off all weekend so getting to Providence was a one-stop for him.
But Roman apparently left the building as soon as his announcement was made last night and while the WWE Universe was still wondering if this was real and what WWE will do without him at this point seeing how they’ve built so much of the past 4 years around his rise to the top.

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H Jenkins

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