Rey Mysterio officially returned to WWE during SmackDown 1000 as he defeated Shinsuke Nakamura in a pretty good match to secure a spot in the World Cup Tournament at WWE Crown Jewel. He also rocked Hartford in a great tag team match and if you’d like to check that out you can click here.
But Mysterio didn’t show up in Boston the next night and there was no reason given for his absence. There was a singles match in his place meaning Jeff Hardy fought Andrade Cien Almas by himself.
Dave Meltzer speculated on Wrestling Observer Radio that Mr. 6-1-9’s absence could be blamed for a couple of reasons. But as he continued, some of the reasons might be the most encouraging for Mysterio who just started back under a 2-year contract.

“So Orton & Mysterio — what happened was the first night in Hartford they had a great match it was Rey and Almas vs Rey and Jeff Hardy. The next night it was just Hardy vs Almas in a singles match. So that would indicate that something happened with Orton or Mysterio which would lead to the other not being there. I’m thinking it would be more Mysterio than Orton because people in Boston were very upset about no Mysterio they could care less about no Orton.”
“So you can always do something if nothing else people would have preferred to see Mysterio rather than Hardy against Almas and it actually would have been a hell of a match. But again, that’s another one that as of this moment I don’t know, those guys just weren’t on the show.”

It’s also important to note that Rey Mysterio is scheduled to be a guest on Miz TV this week on SmackDown Live. Also, we have since learned that Randy Orton was actually in Boston for the show.
If Mysterio is really injured, then that would be awful. If anything it makes us wonder if he has the same kind of WWE contract as he did the last time around where WWE can freeze it if he’s injured. Because he’s had about a dozen knee surgeries in his life and you never know when we might turn around and hear about another injury to the lucha legend.
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