X-Pac opens today’s show by speaking about The Young Bucks. He notes that the Bucks have made it clear that they won’t be promoting the Bullet Club t-shirt after this year, and X-Pac understands that completely. NJPW owns the trademark on “The Bullet Club”, and at this point in their career The Bucks want to be marketing and promoting things that they have ownership over.
X-Pac notes that Chris Jericho was unhappy with NJPW this past week over the fact that they haven’t been using Don Callis on commentary. Jericho called their refusal to use Callis, “Just plain stupid”. X-Pac says, “Good for Chris”, noting that some people mightn’t like Jericho’s words but that’s just too bad.

Someone in Jericho’s position can make those kind of stances, and if NJPW doesn’t want to book him anymore than that’s their decision. Jericho is on a roll right now, and with all the rumours of NJPW talent leaving the company, they probably shouldn’t be making enemies.
X-Pac notes that Michael Craven was brought in as part of a new management team to spearhead NJPW and some wrestlers have become disgruntled with this. X-Pac notes that when an outsider comes into the business like that they need to be very careful. Craven needs to be careful when he speaks to his wrestlers, because if he’s not Vince McMahon will take all of them and there’s nothing Craven will be able to do about it.
X-Pac says that Jim Ross was the best talent relations guy WWE ever had. Ross knew how to talk to performers and calm them down, and X-Pac can speak from experience because Ross calmed him down multiple times when he was out of line.

X-Pac discusses the finish to Impact Wrestling’s Bound for Glory. Austin Aries was pinned by Johnny Impact in the main event, and then Aries no sold the finish, flipped off Don Callis and walked out of the ring. X-Pac says he doesn’t know if this was a shoot or a work, but it certainly wouldn’t be shocking for Aries to do something like this because he’s been known to do this type of thing from time to time.
X-Pac urges fans to stop worrying about what’s a shoot or a work, and instead just enjoy the product. Wrestling is more fun when there’s a shade of mystery to it.

X-Pac welcomes Brian Cage to the show.
Cage notes that there wasn’t much room on the outside of the ring at the Bound for Glory PPV. He had a couple of big dives planned but the talents were told to be extra careful around the outside due to the lack of space, and he decided to just take the dives out of the match altogether. He also informs that his leg was very swollen and sore and that’s why he had it taped up. He could barely move during the match but he was happy with how it turned out regardless.
X-Pac notes that for a man of Cage’s size he never really gets hurt, especially given the way he works in the ring. Cage informs that he’s dealing with nagging injuries all of the time, but he’s been lucky to avoid catastrophic injuries that keep talent on the shelf for extended periods of time.

Cage informs that he’s had a great time since signing with Impact Wrestling. He was a bit hesitant to sign with them because there’s been a negative stigma surrounding that company for a while. However, he knew Don Callis and decided to give it a try. He knew that they had big plans for him, but he’s been surprised with how quickly everything has transpired since he arrived.
Speaking about the finish to the main event of Bound or Glory, Cage informs that there was a lot of confused faces backstage when that match ended. He wasn’t sure if Aries’ actions were scripted or not, but it was shocking nonetheless. Cage points out that Aries would be furious if his opponent didn’t sell his finish and acted that way after one of his victories.

Cage informs that he doesn’t mind working in the X-Division at all. Some fans have told him that he should be the World Champion, or at least challenging for that Title, and he notes that someday that might happen. For the time being however, he’s quite content in the X-Division.
Cage informs that he’s signed with Lucha Underground through 7 seasons. He’s in no rush to leave that company and is happy to work for both LU and Impact moving forward. He does point out that his contract should be fairly easy to get out of if it ever came to that.
That sums up this week’s episode of X-Pac 1, 2, 360. You can listen to the show yourself anytime here, and I’ll catch ya next week for another recap!

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