Xia Brookside is the 19-year-old daughter of Robbie Brookside who happens to be a coach at the WWE Performance Center. But apparently, her father’s role in the company and the idea of “paying dues” didn’t play into the decision for her to get squashed by Io Shirai during the Mae Young Classic.
Bryan Alvarez opened up briefly on Wrestling Observer Live about the backstage reason why the decision was made to have Xia lose in such a definitive fashion.

“I was told that the whole idea was that Xia and Io Shirai worked together in Stardom so their idea was to put them in the main event of the particular show they’ll have a blow-away match.”

The thinking is that since Brookside is so young they’ll have time for her down the line, but since Io was moving forward it made her look great.
But it looks like WWE isn’t giving up on Xia at this point because she’s still got plenty of career ahead of her and she’s off to an amazing start so far. Only time will tell if things will end differently next time Xia and Io meet in the squared circle, but apparently, the decision was made for Brookside to lose in a big way this time around.
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