Below are several backstage notes from Tuesday’s SmackDown 1000 episode, courtesy of PWInsider.
* Batista didn’t arrive to the venue until 7:40PM ET.
* Rey Mysterio vs. Nakamura was originally scheduled to open the show. WWE ended up schuffling around a couple of segments right before the show.
* The Undertaker was always scheduled to close the show, however it was originally supposed to be a much longer promo.
* WWE cut time out of Mysterio’s match against Nakamura, as well as Mysterio’s entrance.
* The Miz’s match was always scheduled to be three seconds.
* The James Ellsworth promo that WWE added on YouTube was cut from the show.
* R-Truth’s segment was scheduled for later in the show.
* There was talk of bringing in Christian but there is no indication that he was actually there.
* Kane was supposed to be at the taping but was not there.
* Zack Ryder was backstage but not used.

Steve Carrier

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