Chris Jericho is a pro wrestling legend and has established a great career for himself outside of the pro wrestling business. At this point, he can pretty much do whatever he wants because of how hard he’s worked to make his name as valuable as it is.
Joe Peisich reported on Barnburner’s No Holds Barred podcast last week that Impact Wrestling and Jericho were working on a deal but couldn’t make things happen by Bound For Glory. But apparently, there is still a chance that we’ll see Jericho wrestle there. But in the end, it’s all about what he wants to do even if he wants to go back to WWE.

“Chris Jericho is still talking to Impact Wrestling. Chris Jericho is talking to everybody. Chris Jericho has the Jericho Cruise in the next week and a half. Chris Jericho, his next move will likely be Impact Wrestling although he still has conversations with Vince and everybody in WWE and like they always say, ‘money talks, Chris Jericho walks.’ So could we see Chris Jericho in Impact Wrestling or WWE? I presume that if WWE gives Chris Jericho the right amount of money we could see him in WWE. If Chris Jericho wants to work with his friend Don Callis, we’ll see him in Impact Wrestling. Chris Jericho is the ultimate free agent.”

At this point, we have seen no indication that Jericho will be wrestling anywhere except for his Rock n Wrestling Rager At Sea and at Wrestle Kingdom for NJPW. But only time will tell if Impact Wrestling can coax him back or maybe WWE might offer him a deal he can’t refuse in the meantime.
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