Drew McIntyre couldn’t quite pull off a win on Raw this week as he faced Seth Rollins for a World Cup entry spot, but he didn’t lose clean. In fact, he lost without giving up much heat at all if any by simply getting counted out so Rollins wins on a technicality.
Dave Meltzer commented on Wrestling Observer Radio that WWE still has big plans for McIntyre, in fact, that is why he’s being protected. He compared Drew to RKO in a comparison of what WWE is looking for and he certainly has a lot of the aspects WWE has in mind when deciding on a top talent.

“They’re really protecting Drew. Yeah, I mean they really see stuff in him and they should. Like from day one when they got him back. Everything Vince McMahon wants from a guy, he’s got. I mean he can talk he’s got a good look. He’s tall, he’s got a good physique, and he’s a great wrestler. So it’s like he ticks all the boxes. I mean he’s like their Randy Orton, a prototype of what they want as a top guy.”

Only time will tell how far McIntyre will go in WWE during his second run with the company, but hopefully, he won’t find himself in another 3MB situation after so much promise going in. But it looks like WWE is maintaining a protective bubble around McIntyre even letting his Claymore Kick being the thing to stop Braun Strowman as The Dog Of War disbanded.
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