Check Out The SmackDown 1000 Cake WWE Has Backstage In Catering


SmackDown 1000 is going to be a big night and if you’re reading this on Wednesday then hopefully it didn’t disappoint. But the Blue Brand has been around for 1000 episodes and there are likely many more to come as they move on to a new night and network in 2019.

But tonight is about celebrating WWE’s big night for their second show that will soon become the A-Show once they move to Fridays on Fox.

WWE wardrobe genius Sarath Ton (who also happens to be Sasha Banks’ husband) posted a pretty cool looking cake that is backstage in catering right now. The Superstars there will have some company as a few special guests are expected. But that doesn’t look like a very big cake for everyone who will be there. Then again, it’s the thought that counts.

The big question we have is who will be eating this work of art because most of the Superstars are on some kind of diet. But since it’s SmackDown 1000, they might just make it a cheat day.

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