SmackDown Live Superstar Samoa Joe was recently interviewed by Sam Roberts, where the former NXT Champion spoke about what he learned in coming to the Performance Center, his on-screen character and his love of gaming.
Joe came to the Performance Center as a veteran of the wrestling industry. In fact, he and 16-time World Champion John Cena worked together before either of them made it to WWE. Given his time in the business, Joe had an interesting answer when asked to comment on what he learned most from his time in Florida with NXT. He also cracks a hilarious joke at head coach Matt Bloom, in the process.

“How little Matt Bloom does. Just a real tyrant, storming around. No, but Bloom is awesome, and Sarah. They run a very tight ship here and stuff. I think if I picked up anything from here, it was a lot of- a lot more production stuff, a lot more behind the scenes stuff. Ideas about how we film stuff and what we’re looking for. It was stuff I had an idea about, but it was definitely sharpened here. It’s been cool.”
“They have other facilities and they bring in coaches and people from other industries and stuff, so you can work on those things,” Joe explains, referring to aspects of production.
“You’ve seen the broadcast booths and the promo booths and everything. It’s an endless resource. If you want to come here and sharpen your skills and sharpen your character, you can definitely do that.”

Joe is arguably one of the biggest heels in WWE right now. His storyline with AJ Styles over the WWE Championship catapulted this idea further, as Joe conducted a borderline home invasion on camera. Despite this, Joe is beloved by most wrestling fans. The former NXT Champion was asked by Roberts whether he attempts to make those people who like him end up hating him:

“No, not at all, ’cause I mean, listen. You people are fickle. You’re not that complicated creatures, and really, it only takes one or two of the right place words said in the right way to turn you into complete, utter animals. I’ve come to that understanding a long time ago, and just know, I will continue to use that knowledge throughout the rest of my life.
“Listen, let’s be honest. You guys- you’re not that dedicated to your views. As long as somebody pisses you off or makes you sad or says something mean or you’re gonna- listen, I know these things, and it’s not hard.”

Cracking a joke at his rivalry with Styles, Joe gives an insight into his love of gaming. He comments specifically on the idea that he lets out his emotions when playing video games.

“I’m not an angry gamer, or as we call it, an ‘AJ Gamer.’ I’m not. Oh, he’s ridiculous. He’s a big child.
“Apparently. Poor, poor woman. By the way, [she] is struggling so hard to keep that family together in this difficult, difficult time.
“Hey, listen, the games are made to be enjoyed and for enjoyment so I try [not] to take them too seriously, though we do have a very competitive streak when it comes to certain fighting games backstage.
“Win, win, win. No matter what.”

Do you see Joe as a future World Champion? What Superstars would you like to see Joe take on? Let us know your thoughts, opinions, and reactions in those comments below.
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