WCW had a lot of amazing talent that eventually ended up in WWE and Chavo Guerrero Jr was one of those guys. He was way more than Eddie Guerrero’s nephew too because he could hold his own in a pro wrestling match for sure. He also had an infectious energy but some fans remember his stick horse Pepe as one of their favorite moments of his run in WCW. However, that wasn’t even supposed to happen.
Chavo Guerrero Jr recently spoke to Why It Ended where he discussed the difference of WCW and WWE. One of the biggest differences is that you could pretty much do whatever you wanted to with your character as a Cruiserweight and one of his most popular gimmicks is proof of that.

“It was like we just kept coming up with things and I started getting more and more crazy. 1 time we were at [Eddie’s] house and his kids were running around with a stick horse and we were at Tampa wrestling that night. And I’m like, ‘Hey I’m going to use that stick horse tonight,’ he was like, ‘Oh yeah! Cool!'”
“You know in WWE you can’t just come out with a gimmick, a new gimmick without telling them. Well in WCW you kind of could. So I came out with a stick horse, I came out with it and nothing really happened [backstage], I just did it.”
“So the next week I didn’t have the stick horse and there were all these signs for the stick horse, for Pepe, that was the name for the stick horse now. There were all these signs and people with stick horses and I was like, ‘Ah man,’ and Eddie looks at me and goes, ‘You gotta start coming out with this thing, bro.’ And I’m like, ‘Oh okay, the ribs on me.'”

The Pepe gimmick evolved for Chavo and he said that it was about what the crowd wanted. It was never intended for him to make a new long-term pal when he rode a stick horse to the ring as a joke in Tampa, but apparently, the fans had other ideas and we have to admit that Pepe was awesome.
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