Social Media Trend Calling For WWE To Cancel Crown Jewel

WWE has risen a fair amount of controversy recently with their continued alliance with Saudi Arabia. We’re not going to get into the messy political and international situation here but suffice it to say, people don’t like it when journalists are murdered for doing their jobs.

Now it looks like plenty of fans have been made aware of these events and if they weren’t happy about WWE’s Greatest Royal Rumble then they’re really having an issue with Crown Jewel.

Twitter has blown up with the #CancelCrownJewel and we’ve seen it flood our TL at times depending on what story we just put out there. Needless to say, plenty of fans are upset. Over 70 people and counting have used the hashtag this morning alone with plenty more who have used it before then to start this groundswell.

On a recent poll on the PW Stream Twitter account, fans were asked if WWE should cancel Crown Jewel and a resounding 70% of fans have responded that WWE should “break the deal” while the other 30% think they should continue as planned. With over 1,200 people replying to this 24-hour poll that’s a pretty good sampling.

Only time will tell what WWE does, but as we previously reported they might be in a situation where they simply cannot back out at this point.

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