There aren’t many people in the pro wrestling business who have been able to reinvent themselves quite like The Undertaker. For so long he’s been able to transform his character and keep himself relevant which is an amazing task to accomplish.
The Undertaker recently sat down with Pastor Ed Young as part of the “Wrastlin'” series where he discussed how he was able to keep his character fresh and reinvent himself for so long. He explained how he would watch what was working and then make things different for his unique character that kept fans interested and still captures their attention decades later.

“You just can’t — I never, once I got to WWE you know I kind of started to realize that we had something special with that character. I was never satisfied. I was like, ‘we’re here and we’re getting a great reaction, but what’s next?’ You know I’m always looking down the road to bring something new to the table that I gotta be true to what my fanbase and what my audience they’ve accepted and what they want. But you’ve also got to figure out other ways to keep it fresh.”
“So you’re watching what everyone else is doing and you’re trying not to do what they do because it happens so often in our business somebody will hit something and then everyone’s trying to do the same thing. So you know I was fortunate in the sense that my character wasn’t that over the top high energy. My energy was high energy but it was in a different and that’s what separated me.”
“So I take The Rock and Cena and Austin and Triple H Shawn Michaels Ric Flair and you’re seeing all these guys and you’re seeing what they’re doing that works and then you figure out okay, that’s what they’re doing. And then you try and figure that the integralness to what they’re doing that works for me and is true to the character and what the fans [expect].”
“I mean the business — and it is a business. There are so many guys who are there and they’re hungry and they’re trying to climb up that ladder, you know? And so if you kind of sit back and ‘check this out, I just sold out Madison Square Garden’ and you sit on it like that… there’s somebody else that’s climbing. So I’m gonna sell it out 5-times in a row, you know what I mean?”
“That was great. That era, everybody was clawing, everybody was fighting for the brass ring, you know. And that 2000’s the Attitude Era, it was insane.”

It seems like The Undertaker’s career might be coming to an interesting reality-based potion where he’s able to sit down and actually discuss the pro wrestling business in a shoot-setting. Only time will tell what the next stage could be for his character, but with some more matches against Shawn Michaels and Triple H in the pipeline, only time will tell what could happen next.

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