Liv Morgan took a couple kicks to the head from Brie Bella last week on Raw and plenty of people were very upset about how that all went down. After all, Morgan is very much a loved Superstar and Brie Bella has been botching a lot of moves in some people’s opinions.
But as Dave Meltzer discussed on Wrestling Observer Radio, Morgan isn’t sitting at home. She’s been allowed to travel with the Raw Brand, but she’s not been working. However, an upcoming test will prove if she’s going to be able to work again anytime soon. After all, she has a pretty big match in Australia.

“Yeah they had a show tonight and she was in the corner. Alicia Fox subbed for her in the match, but she was there in the corner. So they’re letting her travel. I don’t know what that means — yeah that’s probably what’s going to happen she’ll be tested before Raw. And if she doesn’t pass the test then Alicia Fox will probably be the 3rd person in the match against Rousey and The Bella Twins in Australia. Because she’ll have to pass the test to wrestle in Australia.”

If Morgan can’t work the 6-woman tag match in Australia, hopefully, she’ll at least be able to travel. Then again, with concussions, you never know what doctors will order. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for Liv in the meantime.
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H Jenkins

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