Booker wanted to make a point to say that he’s passive and doesn’t call out people very often. He did call out Corey Graves but that was of course, a work. But he said that there is another person that he just has to call out as well, former WWE Superstar Ahmed Johnson

“There is one guy I gotta call out… Ahmed Johnson. The thing is his name isn’t even Ahmed Johnson, his name is Tony Norris you know so let’s get that straight.”
“This guy did listens to the airwaves and he’s always got something to say about Booker T so I got something to say about Ahmed Johnson […] I’m challenging you to something I know you can win: a pie eating contest. It’s not to a fight or anything like that.”
“I’ve made it formal on my show that if Ahmed Johnson wants to take me on in a pie eating contest or a gingerly walk around the block. You know what? Or we could do this. We could call Ahmed Johnson out in a one-on-one in Reality Of Wrestling and settle this once and for all.”
“I don’t even know what kind of beef we have. I remember back in the day when we were in wrestling school. we trained at the same wrestling school but he came in at the tail end of training at the wrestling school because the school closed down and they moved it and it didn’t last too long.”

Booker T said their school was a plush school with technology that could help them advance their careers. It had a lot of WWE Performance Center aspects as well. Then Booker T explained how he and Johnson’s beef started.

“I’m going over leap fogs and tackles, drop downs, wristlocks, armbars. All the tools a wrestler needs to make it to the top […] you gotta know how to make it in the locker room before you make it in the ring.”
“So I get Ahmed Johnson and I’m tying him up like a pretzel. I’m running circles around him beating the man from pillar to post. We’re just having fun and Ahmed Johnson wanted to work on his moves like powerslams and powerbombs. And I go, ‘Hey Tony we’re practicing. We don’t want to get into powerbombs because people could get hurt you do powerbombs when you’re ready to go.'”
“He said, ‘I want to practice it now!’ I said, ‘If you got a problem with it we can settle it after practice when we get outside. And I say, ‘I’ll be waiting on you outside.'”
“I was 26-years-old and frustrated. After practice, he walks out kind of frustrated like, ‘I don’t wanna wait.’ But I think that’s the beef that Ahmed has with me all these years because he calls me a sell-out. I hate a man that calls me a sell-out.”

Booker T said he’s an easy man to find. So he reiterated his challenge to the former WWE Superstar for either a pie eating contest, a gingerly walk around the park, or a wrestling match. Let’s see what happens here, but it could always be Booker T stirring up more drama for a work.
The 5-time World Champion then said he’ll post a picture of himself and then challenged Johnson to do the same. We’re not trying to pick sides here, but you’ll find a picture of Ahmed Johnson from a few years ago below.

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