SmackDown Live general manager Paige caused a stir on social media earlier today with a somewhat cryptic post.
The former WWE superstar, who was forced to retire earlier this year due to injury, sent out the following tweet that seems to throw shade at someone in her life. It’s no secret that the former Divas Champion has had her fair share of controversies away from the ring, but in recent times, it seems as if she’s been thriving in her role as GM.
On top of that, she’s also set to return to the Total Divas line-up, which is a huge sign of how much the WWE trusts her now in comparison to just a few short years ago.

Whatever the case may be with this message it certainly has people talking, with some fans even suggesting that it’s directed towards former WWE superstar Alberto Del Rio.
Regardless of what it’s about, though, we want to take this opportunity to praise Paige for how well she’s been able to bounce back from everything that’s happened to her as of late. From her aforementioned injury to personal issues, it definitely feels like we’ve got the old Paige back.
We’re purely posting this out of intrigue regarding what this could possibly lead to, because who knows, this might all be part of a bigger storyline in connection to WWE. After all, Paige and Baron Corbin haven’t exactly been shy when it comes to throwing shots at one another lately, and with Survivor Series right around the corner, the build for Raw vs SmackDown Live has to start somewhere.

Harry Kettle

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