Tammy Lynn Sytch Finally Gets Some Good News — She’s Getting Out Of Prison

Sunny, Tammy Lynn Sytch was the internet’s most downloaded celebrity for a short time, but that was a long time ago. She has run into several legal issues in the past few years and seems to have a reputation of driving under the influence.

It is rather sad to see the WWE Hall Of Famer in jail, but that’s where she’s been for a while. She was processed for multiple charges of contempt – disobedience/resistance in New Jersey and then authorities discovered she was wanted in Pennslyvania for some other charges related to her DUIs.

PW Insider reports that Sytch is slated to be paroled from the Carbon Country Correctional Facility which has been her residence since the first week of October. Seven months after her initial incarceration, she’s finally getting out, or at least those are the plans.

Hopefully, Sunny will be able to mind herself and keep out of trouble the next time she’s a free woman. But only time will tell what her plans are. After all, she always has her webcam career she can turn back to.

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