Bullet Club Member Reacts To WWE Crown Jewel Jacking His Name


If you’re a fan of the Bullet Club, then you are probably well aware of the fact that Chase Owens is known as the Crown Jewel. But apparently WWE either doesn’t realize this or they don’t care because their upcoming event in Saudi Arabia is going to share that name.

Owens, who is currently selling Crown Jewel shirts at Hot Topic with the Bullet Club logo obviously found out about WWE’s newest Saudi Arabian event. After all, with everyone Googling “Crown Jewel” for a bit, he probably showed up in a bunch of fan’s searches.

Chase wanted to make sure to let everyone know what he’s already heard the news of WWE’s name. After all, it might get even trickier if they continue to use this title for an event. Hopefully, Chase Owens can keep using his moniker.

Owens actually appeared on Raw in 2012 as Kevin Bendl where he lost a handicap match against Ryback back when WWE was feeding him talent as he yelled, “feed me more.” Only time will tell if Owens can use this situation to his benefit, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea at all. After all, he had the name first.

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