Matt Riddle Calls Dana White A Dummy In Hilarious Online Burn


Matt Riddle’s journey to WWE included a start in the UFC but he was fired for failing too many drug tests for marijuana. It looks like everything worked out for Riddle because he did pretty good for himself on the indie wrestling scene and is now signed with WWE as part of the NXT brand.

Riddle recently took a shot at Dana White on social media while thanking him at the same time. It was a pretty cool message, but he also called him a dummy and that’s usually not a sign people are cool with each other.

The NXT newcomer wrote on Twitter: “Hey Dana remember that time you fired me and talked all that shit on me to the world and called me a loser? I just wanted to say thank you for everything dummy” with a video of Dana White talking some smack of his own about Riddle while White called him a dummy.

In the older clip, White said “they drug test in the real world too.” In this little clip White also wondered where Riddle could make $100,000 a year. This split with a video of Riddle’s NXT reveal while he sat in the crowd during NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn IV.

This was a pretty fine comeback on Riddle’s part.

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