They performed the national anthem to open the show.
Matt Cross vs. MJF
Cross sends him into the ropes but is shoulderblocked down. MJF went to do it again but tried to trick him with a dropkick but Cross did a backflip. MJF applauded him mockingly and offered his hand but Cross was too smart for that. Cross caught him with a kick and then a headscissors takedown, sending MJF to the floor. Cross hits the Sasuke Special over the top to the floor. He ran up to the stage and posed. He controlled MJF, who used Todd Sinclair to block Cross, then grabbed him and sent him into the ringpost shoulder-first.
MJF worked over his arm, stomping it and focusing his attack on it. MJF used a big armbar. He nailed a powerbomb and scored a two count, MJF continued working him over and placed him on the top rope. MJF set up for a superplex but Cross fought back and hit a leaping rana off the top. MJF was drilled with a series of clotheslines but was able to nail a shoulderbreaker to break his momentum. They battled back and forth with punches but MJF raked him. MJF nailed him in the eyes but was caught with a pump kick. Cross nailed a double stomp to the mid-section.
MJF locked on an armbar but Cross broke free and used a rollup for a two count. MJF snapped the arm on the ropes and nailed a pendulum style piledriver but Cross still kicked out. This is very good. Cross finally wiped out MJF with a kick and nailed a shooting star press for the pin.
Your winner: Matt Cross
Sean Mooney interviewed NWA Champion Nick Aldis. There was a screw-up as they pitched it to a Daniels interview. Aldis was put over by Mooney who was excited to interview the NWA title. Aldis cut a great old school promo as the traveling NWA Champion putting over that Cody was great but the Champion was better.
Angel vs. Arrow: “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels vs. Stephen Amell of “Arrow”
Daniels spits his gum at Amell to start things off. They exchange chops, then Amell with a dropkick and an enziguri and clotheslines Daniels outside. Amell pulls out a table and goes to put Daniels through it, but Daniels blocks it. Amell chokes Daniels, but Daniels comes back with a Reverse Exploder and takes control, hitting an Arabian Press. Amell fights back, but Daniels counters CrossRhodes, but Amell with a big boot and a Standing Falcon Arrow. Amell hits Coast 2 Coast for a close 2. Daniels avoids an enziguri and hits the Best Moonsault Ever, but Amell kicks out! They tease going through the table again until Daniels falls onto the table and Amell goes for a splash, but Daniels moves and Amell crashes through the table! Crowd chants “Broken Arrow” at Amell. Jerry Lynn throws Daniels and Amell back in to avoid a count-out. Lynn and Daniels have words, then Lynn takes off his ref shirt and Amell low blows Daniels and rolls him up for 2. Daniels unloads on Amell, with Amell daring him for more and flipping Daniels off. Amell blocks the Angels’ Wings and pins Daniels for a close 2. Daniels with a Standing Urnangi and another Best Moonsault Ever for the win.
Winner: Christopher Daniels by pinfall (Best Moonsault Ever)
Mandy Leon and Tenille Dashwood join commentary for the next match.
Impact Knockouts Champion “The Undeniable” Tessa Blanchard vs. Madison Rayne vs. “The Hot Mess” Chelsea Green vs. Dr. Britt Baker, DMD
Tessa hugs her father, Tully Blanchard and step-father, Magnum T.A., upon her entrance. Chelsea is doing a Roddy Piper Wrestlemania 6 deal as half-Chelsea, half-the Laurel Van Ness persona. Tessa and Madison sent outside and Chelsea and Baker have a bunch of exchanges, including Chelsea hitting a nice rope walk sequence. Tessa takes back over, hitting a clothesline and a draping DDT. Tessa gorilla presses Baker onto everyone outside. Chelsea comes back and hits a tope suicida, but Blanchard then with a Raven-esque running dive. Madison then wipes out everyone with a crossbody. Baker comes back with a series of Slingblades to everyone. Madison with a Ripchord Cutter on Baker, but Blanchard with a Delayed Vertical on Madison. Blanchard goes into the ringpost, then Chelsea hits her boyfriend, Zack Ryder’s, Broski Boot to Blanchard. Baker with a Backdrop Driver to Cheslea, Madison with a tilt-a-whirl DDT to Blanchard. Chelsea with a missile dropkick to Madison. Madison with a Super Facecrusher to Baker for 2. Chelsea with a Curb Stomp to Madison, then the Unprettier, but Blanchard with the Magnum to Chelsea. Superkick by Baker to Blanchard for a close 2. Baker with a TKO for 2, but Blanchard rolls her up for 2. Madison with a Crucifix Driver to Blanchard for 2. Ripchord Rolling Elbow and a Fisherman’s Neckbreaker by Baker to Madison for 2. Chelsea with the Unprettier to Baker, but Baker gets her foot on the ropes. Destroyer by Chelsea to Blanchard, but Blanchard powers out at 2. Blanchard hits the Undeniable DDT on Chelsea for the win.
Winner: “The Undeniable” Tessa Blanchard (Undeniable DDT)
Chico El Luchadore and Fat Ass Masa from Being the Elite are shown at ringside.
Brent Tarring, a friend of Cody, joins commentary for the title match.
Video package on the NWA Title Match.
NWA Worlds Championship: Nick Aldis (c) vs. “The American Nightmare” Cody w/Brandi Rhodes
Cody comes out, in near tears, with his dog, Pharaoh, Diamond Dallas Page, Tommy Dreamer and former WCW star Glacier. Aldis comes out with former NWA Champion, Tim Storm, Samuel Shaw, Shawn Daivari and Jeff Jarrett.
Pre-match intros for this one. They shake hands as the bell sounds to a loud reaction. Chain wrestling early, then they trade strikes. Cody wipes out Aldis with a dive, but Aldis takes control, sending Cody into the ringpost. Fisherman Suplex by Aldis for 2. They clonk heads, but Cody hits the Goldust drop-down uppercut. Cody hits the Superkick, but Aldis blocks CrossRhodes and they collide when both going for crossbodies. Cody goes for the Double Jump Crossbody outside, but Aldis drills him on the way down with a big forearm. Earl Hebner throws up the X sign for Cody, bringing back out DDP to check on him. DDP helps Cody up as Daivari comes out with a towel and shoves DDP. Daivari shoves the ref, leading DDP to hit him with the Diamond Cutter! Referee sends DDP and Daivari to the back. Aldis works back over Cody, who is busted wide open. Cody comes back with the snap slam. Aldis avoids the Top Rope Moonsault Press and hits a Super Fallaway Slam. Top Rope Splash by Aldis for 2. Cody blocks the Cloverleaf and locks in the Figure Four. Aldis reverses and when they go outside, Aldis hits a Powerslam on the floor. Back in, Cody tries for the Alabama SLam out of the corner but his back gives out. Cody is able to finally hit it on the second try for 2. Aldis avoids Beautiful Disaster and hits a Powerbomb for 2. Aldis locks in his Cloverleaf Variation and drags Cody to the center. Cody is able to reach the ropes. Brandi yells that Cody “doesn’t need to do this.” Aldis drags Cody back and hits a Piledriver and goes for the Top Rope Elbow, but Brandi gets in the ring. Brandi pleads with Aldis to stop, but Aldis hits the Top Rope Elbow as Brandi was trying to cover up Cody, hitting her and wiping her out. Aldis covers Cody for a close 2. Cody comes back with Beautiful Disaster and we’ll meet you at the CrossRhodes, but Aldis kicks out! Strike exchange until Cody tries for Din’s Fire, Aldis blocks it and goes for CrossRhodes, but Cody blocks it. Magnus goes for a Sunset Flip, but Cody sits down on it, ala Hart-Bulldog Summerslam 1992 and pins Aldis to win the title! WOW!
Winner and NWA Worlds Champion: “The American Nightmare” Cody by pinfall
Cody celebrates the title win with his wife and entourage after.

Chicago Street Fight: Joey Janela vs. Hangman Page
Tey go back-and-forth early, trading tope suicidas outside. Page wipes out Janela with an Orihara Moonsault outside, then grabs a chair. Janela fights back, but Page with a big forearm and a delayed pumphandle suplex onto the chair. Page brings out a literal Cracker Barrel, but Janela sends him into the barrel. Janela then wipes out Page with a running flip dive into the crowd. Page avoids a rolling barrel and hits the Buckshot Lariat from the crowd, over the barricade, and on the outside. Page grabs a table. Janela stops being sent through the table and hits the Blu-Ray into the corner. Janela sets up a table. Janela sets up a ladder bridge, but Page grabs him and hits a Hercules Cutter onto the bridge! Page pulls out a bag but Penelope runs in to stop him. Penelope slaps Page, but she does some Matrix moves to avoid him, then hits a Cutter and wipes out Page outside with a crossbody! Penelope puts Page on the table, then Janela with a Top Rope Elbow through the table! They fight on the stage, with Janela hitting a running clothesline. Janela sets up two tables at the entrance ramp. Page comes back with a superkick and hits a running powerbomb off the ramp onto a table that doesn’t break, with Janela’s head hitting the back of the table. Back in, Page hits another Buckshot Lariat, then hits the Rite of Passage, but Penelope breaks it up with the garbage bag. Page unloads the bag, to reveal the cursed boots of Page that spoke to him. Page superkicks Penelope and talks to the boots, but runs into a superkick by Janela for 2. Janela grabs another ladder and another table. Janela puts Page on the table and goes up the ladder, but Page stops him and hits Janela with the phone he used to “murder” Joey Ryan. Page chokes Janela with the phone cord, then hits another Rite of Passage off the ladder through the table for the win.
Winner: Hangman Page by pinfall (Rite of Passage)
They showed a video of the “murdered’ Ryan laying in the bed where he was killed and well, his penis rose up. A assembly of penises then walked out – yes, a group of men dressed as penises, came out on stage… leading to the resurrection of Joey Ryan. Ryan came to the ring, followed by the penises and confronted Page. Page was grabbed by his penis and flipped over and laid out. He was then carried out by the penis army. What the F*** am I supposed to say about this? I have no idea what the hell I just watched.
Backstage, ROH Champion Jay Lethal made his way to the ring. Someone handed him a pair of Macho Man style sunglasses. They then slapped him in the face and Jay turned into Black Machismo.
ROH Championship
Jay Lethal vs. Flip Gordon
Pre-match intros for this one. Poffo does his old gimmick of tossing out Frisbee’s. ROH founder Cary Silkin holds up the title belt before the match. Lethal and Poffo do the Megapowers Handshake, then with Flip before the bell. Lethal, early, takes Brandi to his corner, thinking she is Elizabeth. Lots of chain wrestling early for several nearfalls. Lethal lifts up Brandi like she is Elizabeth, but she slaps him on the shoulder and he reverts back to regular-old Jay Lethal. Gordon takes control, doing his constant headstands, then hits Lethal with his own series of tope suicidas, concluding with a flip dive. Exchange of counters and nearfalls. Lethal with an enziguri, but Flip with a standing moonsault. Lethal avoids a 450 and hits the Lethal Combination for 2. Flip stops the Lethal Injection with a cradle for 2. Leaping Knee and a Falcon Arrow for 2. Lethal stops the Star-Spangled Stunner and applies a Torture Rack. Lanny gets on the apron and tells Lethal to do the Macho Elbow. Lanny slaps Lethal on the shoulder for him to revert back to Black Machismo. Lethal with a slam and goes for Hail to the King, hitting it repeatedly on Flip, ala Savage-Warrior Wrestlemania 7, for a close 2. Flip hulks up, ala Hogan, hitting the three punches, the big boot and then a Pele when Lethal avoided the leg drop. Springboard Slingblade by Flip, then goes for the 450 again, but Lethal avoids it. Flip hits the Samoan Pop and the Cancun Tornado for a close 2. They fight up top until Lethal blocks a Super Rana, then counters the Tinder Surprise with a Top Rope Cutter, followed by the Lethal Injection to retain the title.
Winner and STILL ROH Champion: Jay Lethal by pinfall (Lethal Injection)
They shake hands after. Bully Ray runs in and lays out both men, then low blows Lanny Poffo. Bully sets up a table in the ring, but Colt Cabana runs out to go after Bully. Lethal, Flip and Colt do the Shield Triple Powerbomb to put Bully through the table.
IWGP Champion Kenny Omega vs. Pentagon Jr
Pentagon does his hand signal, but Omega slaps him playfully. Pentagon then drills him with a hard leg kick. Pentagon with a backstabber, but Omega with a running rana. Pentagon with a Slingblade and a flip dive. They brawl around ringside, with Pentagon having the advantage. Omega comes back with a Tornado DDT and wipes out Pentagon with a springboard crossbody outside. Omega hits Aoi Shodou for 2. Omega hits Snap Dragon, but Pentagon counters One Winged Angel. Series of exchanges until Omega hits the V-Trigger in the corner. Pentagon blocks a Top Rope Brainbuster and superkicks out Omega’s legs, followed by the Ghetto Stomp for 2. Omega stops the Fear Factor and hits another V-Trigger. Pentagon again does his hand signal to throw off Omega, but Omega with another V-Trigger. Again, Pentagon does his hand signal, but Omega with a powerbomb and another V-Trigger for 2. Pentagon gets out of the One Winged Angel, Omega avoids the Fear Factor, but Pentagon hits the Pentagon Driver for a close 2. They fight on the apron until Pentagon hits the Fear Factor on the apron! Pentagon with a Top Rope Double Stomp for a close 2. Omega comes back with his own Fear Factor for a close 2. Another V-Trigger, but Pentagon stops the One Winged Angel and does the Double Wristlock Armbreaker, followed by another Fear Factor, but Omega kicks out! Pentagon again does his hand signal, but Omega counters a superkick. Pentagon kicks at the arm, but Omega follows him in with another V-Trigger and a Reverse Rana for a close 2. Another V-Trigger, followed by the One Winged Angel for the win.
Winner: Kenny Omega by pinfall (One Winged Angel)
The lights went off and when they returned, Penta attacked Omega and destroyed him, only to reveal he was really Chris Jericho. Jericho nailed a big Codebreaker on Omega and left him laying. Jericho took the ring mic and called out Omega. He said he’d see Omega on the Jericho Cruise.

“The Rainmaker” Kazuchika Okada vs. “The Villain” Marty Scurll
Referee: Tiger Hattori

Feeling-out process early, with Okada making fun of Marty’s size. Okada blocks a suplex, Marty hurts his back because Okada is too big. Scurll with chops, but Okada fights back. Scurll again tries a suplex, but Okada blocks it and hits one of his own. Scurll comes back, hitting the Apron Superkick, skins the cat and hits a Lope. Okada comes back and takes control, hitting a DDT on the floor. Okada is not taking the match seriously, feeling nothing from Scurll’s strikes, hitting a big forearm. Okada continues to work Scurll over, but Scurll comes back with a Straitjacket Lungblower. Tornado DDT by Scurll for 2. Dueling chants by the crowd. Scurll goes for the Graduation, but Okada blocks it. Scurll gets out of the Air Raid Crash Neckbreaker and finally hits Okada with a Brainbuster. Scurll goes for the Jackknife, but cannot do it. Okada comes back with the Air Raid Crash Neckbreaker. They fight on the turnbuckles until Scurll hits a Top Rope Superplex. Exchange of nearfalls until Marty gets a close 2. Jackknife by Marty for another close 2. Shotgun Dropkick by Okada, followed by a Missile Dropkick for 2. Scurll blocks the Tombstone and counters with a DDT. Okada counters the Tombstone and hits it. Okada goes for the Rainmaker, motioning “205”, but Scurll grabs the hand and breaks the webbing of Okada’s fingers. Okada comes back with the Too Awesome Dropkick, but Scurll counters the Rainmaker and locks in the Chickenwing! Okada drives Scurll down to break the hold, but Scurll re-applies the hold! Okada rolls through and pins Scurll down for 2. Referee gets knocked down and Scurll shocks Okada with the umbrella, hitting him with it, then hits Okada’s own Rainmaker, but Okada kicks out! Scurll goes for the Chickenwing, but Okada hits him with the Rainmaker, but cannot pin him! They get back up and Scurll dares Okada for more every time Okada hits him. Scurll spits at Okada, but Okada hits the Rolling Rainmaker, then another Rainmaker for the win.
Winner: Kazuchika Okada by pinfall (Rainmaker)
The Young Bucks & Kota Ibushi vs. Rey Mysterio & Rey Fenix & Bandido
They rushed through the entrances. Mysterio is dressed as Wolverine in his classic yellow outfit. Matt Jackson and Bandido started out. Bandido hit a sick dive to the floor. The Bucks cut him off and double teamed him. Fenix hit the ring and whipped out ranas and all sorts of springboard craziness. Kota tagged in and so did Rey. The place went nuts. Rey snapped off a rana. He went for a springboard move but Kota caught him on his shoulders. Rey escaped and they went back and forth with moves and faced off. Matt Jackson tagged in but Mysterio took him down. Fenix tagged in and nailed some awesome moves. Bandido and Ibushi tagged in. Ibushi nailed some strikes but Bandido whipped out some evil kicks, only to miss a shooting star press.
The Bucks made a comeback with awesome springboard dives to the floor. Mysterio hit a springboard rana on Matt. He hit a springboard dive on everyone. Fenix and Bandido hit incredible spinning dives to the outside. The crowd chanted “All In.” Nick brought Bandido near the stage. Matt Jackson hit an amazing running senton splash. Back in the ring, Matt elevated Bandido into a back suplex by Ibushi. Everyone was going nuts with moves. Rey went for the 619 but Matt caught him and set up for the Meltzer Driver but Fenix ran the ropes and killed Ibushi with a kick to the face. Superkick massacre on the Bucks. Fenix and Bandido hit stereo dives. Mysterio nailed a top rope frog splash on Matt for a two count. The crowd chanted for Eddie Guerrero.
Matt shoved off Mysterio and Fenix but was caught and hit with a backflip fall away slam for a two count. Nick broke it up. Nick drilled a superkick. They are going through all sorts of near falls. They nailed the Meltzer Driver on Bandido for the pin.
Winners: The Young Bucks & Kota Ibushi

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