Sami Zayn Speaks Out On Important Name Missing From WWE Hall Of Fame

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WWE wouldn’t be where it is today without a lot of things including the Rock n Wrestling Connection. Cyndi Lauper was a vital part of that but for some reason she’s missing from WWE’s Hall Of Fame.

Names like Kid Rock and Donald Trump are in the celebrity wing but Lauper is missing.  This hasn’t made sense for some time and one WWE Superstar isn’t going to take it anymore.

Sami Zayn said he was shocked when he found out Lauper was missing from the celebrity wing, that’s for sure.

“As part of the “rock n’ wrestling connection” with MTV in the 80’s, she was CRUCIAL to WWE crossing over into mainstream. Arguably no celebrity more deserving,” Sami said and we totally agree.

Rumors were she was simply unavailable in the past for the ceremonies when her name was thought about. Hopefully, that will change soon.

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