The brothers Jackson were recent guests on the Jim Ross Report where they and the Hall of Fame commentator openly dissect their rise to stardom within the wrestling industry.

Matt and Nick reveal that when they used to be lower on the card they weren’t too interested in psychology or selling because they wanted the opportunity to show off their abilities as a tag team, but as they’ve grown in popularity they are focused on improving that aspect of their game. Most notable is what the Bucks had to say when Ross brought up there expiring contracts, and what the future holds for the Superkick Party.

Matt Jackson: Family is number one for us. It’s our top priority. We both have young kids and we care so much about them. And we want to have quality time with them and we’re gone a lot and that’s our own doing. We’re independent contractors, so we make it really crazy for ourselves sometimes, but in July, we took it easy. Both Nick and I had a nice summer with the kids. So family is absolutely everything and our goal is to be able to retire at an young age and spend even more quality years with our family. And I want to give my kids a great life and yeah, to answer [Ross’] question, what are we going to do? Our contract is up in four months, so it’s getting down to the 11th hour now and we kind of have to make a decision whether we’re going to stay put, or go somewhere else, or go back to being independent guys. And I don’t know. The best thing is, we’re in a great spot right now. And I feel like we can’t really make a bad decision because whatever we do right now, we’re in one of those rare instances in someone’s career where no matter what we do right now it works. So I think we’re going to make the right decision no matter what that decision ends up being.

Check out the full episode of The Ross Report here.

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