Lucha Underground Star Unmasked At TripleMania

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A luchador’s mask means a lot to them and Pentagon Jr, LA Park, El Hijo del Fantasma, and Pshyco Clown all faced each other in the main event of TripleMania where the loser would lose their mask.

It started out as a cage match in their six-sided ring with Penta escaping first because it’s on Impact and Lucha Underground, so that was kind of a given that he wouldn’t be losing his trademark look just yet. Psycho Clown was next to leave the cage because he’s young and super over as well.

This left WCW alum LA Park and El Hijo del Fantasma who also wrestles in Lucha Underground as King Cuerno. Those two guys beat each other senseless ripping at each other’s masks in the process and bleeding too. LA Park was a bloody mess in parts, but he still won the match.

After the finish, El Hijo del Fantasma unmasked to reveal his true look and he pulls it off without a mask to be honest. You can check out some pictures from the match below including an unmasked Fantasma.



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