Why WWE Didn’t Use Brock Lesnar On Raw

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WWE didn’t have Brock Lesnar on Raw this week even though he was advertised for quite some time. Now we’re looking for Lesnar to arrive in UFC eventually.

Dave Meltzer explained on Wrestling Observer Radio why Lesnar jumped on a plane after SummerSlam instead of sticking around for Raw.

“Okay the deal with Brock on Monday was that they just couldn’t come up with any viable idea to put him on television.”

“Why would you advertise him for months and have no idea how to use him? I can not answer that question, but the idea is what do you do with him?”

“He already fulfilled all of his matches and they didn’t want to put him on Raw, so that wasn’t even an option. You know he signed for 2 more matches, he did his 2 matches. That’s that. He cost way too much to put on Raw.”

It was noted that they could have booked an angle where Lesnar went in and destroyed everyone leading to a suspension,  but WWE has already done that because and they didn’t want to put him over since Lesnar isn’t going to be around.

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