Dolph Ziggler Could Be Getting Punished For Rejecting WWE Contract Offer


Dolph Ziggler is coming off another run as IC Champion, but it looks like when he dropped the title he moved right out of that picture entirely. Only time will tell how Ziggler rebounds, but rumor has it that WWE isn’t happy with him right now.

Joe Peisich from Barnburner’s Fired Up podcast said Ziggler didn’t sign his new contract at SummerSlam so WWE might start breaking out the shovels to bury the Show-Off.

“Dolph Ziggler was presented a new contract and refused, did not, did not sign his contract at SummerSlam. He lost his title and lost the next night on Raw. Look for Dolph Ziggler to start a losing streak now almost as big as Curt Hawkins.”

McMahon doesn’t like it when you turn down one of his contracts because after all, he controls what happens on WWE television. So he’s not a guy you want to upset.

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