Ronda Rousey & Other Horsewomen Ringside For Shanya Baszler’s NXT TakeOver Match

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It’s been said that WWE is moving toward a big match at Survivor Series between the WWE 4 Horsewomen and MMA’s version who are now all under WWE contracts.

Shayna Baszler battled Kairi Sane during NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn IV and Ronda Rousey, Marina Shafir, and Jessamyn Duke were ringside to watch their former roommate and fellow Horsewoman apply some ground and pound on Kairi Sane.

Baszler ended up losing the match in the blink of an eye after Sane rolled her up for a three count while she was stuck in a submission hold. But at least Rousey, Duke, and Shafir were able to be there at ringside to watch it all go down. Ronda also took a chance to remind Kairi Sane that she’s not a pirate and her wheel isn’t steering any kind of ship.

After all, Baszler losing her NXT Women’s Title might have needed to happen in order for her career to advance to the next level because, by a lot of people’s accounts, she’s more than ready for the main roster. At least WWE is thinking about a 4 Horsewomen vs 4 Horsewomen match at Survivor Series, so this title loss might have happened for a very good reason.

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