RAW Superstar Elias was a guest on Inside The Ropes, where he reignited the idea of a potential feud with The Rock, spoke passionately about his wrestling career and revealed what it was like to perform at WrestleMania.

Elias was first asked if he knew he would be successful in moving to RAW.

“I say that Elias is universal. It speaks for itself. Elias is universal. It’s true. It’s weird because people ask ‘when did you know it clicked?’ I knew in my heart from the time I wanted to be a wrestler what I was capable of and what I could do, you know? So it was just about having the opportunity to show that to the world. To put my soul out there for the world to see and hear and feel and watch. So I’ve always known. Now the world is joining in, so it’s great.”

Seemingly reigniting the idea of a rivalry between himself and The Rock, Elias comments on a potential feud between the two.

“Yeah, well listen. It is a thing that comes up, like you said. People say they want The Rock to interrupt me or whatever it is. Now, it’s what I get. I get comparisons to The Rock all the time, which, you know, I cannot take away. The guy has done so much in wrestling, and now he is blowing up all over the world. He is an incredible human being, but as far as what goes down in WWE, ok? I have rebranded the company. WWE stands for ‘walk with Elias.’ It is my company. The Rock- he maybe did five or six of those concerts throughout his life on Monday night RAW. He did cover songs, ok? He did ‘Wonderful Tonight’ and ‘Jailhouse Rock.’ I am doing original songs every single week for millions of people. I’m doing live events and stuff like that. The Rock cannot do what I do. But if he wants to walk with Elias, he knows where to find me. On national Monday night RAW. He is more than welcome to come. But if he wants to interrupt one of my songs, I’d say that would be a bad decision on his part. That seems to be how people like to get my attention.”

On the transition from NXT to RAW, Elias clarified how the change affected him.


“It’s interesting because, in NXT, I felt that people only saw a little bit of Elias. What happened really was what I was doing for live events in NXT is really what was taken and put on Monday night RAW. So it was really my live event act that was taken and put on Monday night RAW. It was really a matter of- it didn’t even feel like a transition to me. Now the world gets to see what Elias is really like.”

As Vince McMahon has the main say on what happens on WWE TV, Elias was asked what the WWE Chairman thinks of the Elias character.

“Vince is a huge Elias fan. I don’t think there is anybody he likes more than Elias. That’s just my opinion, he’s never said that for sure- at least to me. You come to Monday night RAW and it is a different beast. It is a different animal, and you gotta be ready to fight. You gotta be ready to do what you believe in at all times, man. It’s just different. They’ve given me a fantastic opportunity to show myself and make myself different from everyone else in the whole world of wrestling.”

Elias reveals what it was like for him to perform in front of a packed crowd at WrestleMania earlier this year.

“Put it this way, man. I did the biggest performance I ever have in front of a sold-out crowd. 77, 000 people who all came out to see Elias, ok? That whole weekend was great. I did a performance on Bourbon Street. The night before I debuted some of my songs that eventually came out on my album and people were singing along with it. The whole vibe was about Elias that weekend. So, just- I have great memories of that. John Cena- he did mess things up a bit, but The Undertaker took care of him, so I’m not too concerned there. But I got to perform at my first WrestleMania, facilitating, if you will, John Cena and The Undertaker- it’s ok. I think the next year, the next WrestleMania should be more of a one-on-one. Myself and The Undertaker, myself and John Cena- or whatever it is. But that’s ok. For my first WrestleMania, that was alright.”

WWE recently released a documentary on Elias. As you can guess, Elias was asked about the reception from fans.

“They follow around my life for months at a time. All of a sudden, it might get nominated for an Emmy or something like that. It’s what to expect when you work with Elias, but I’m the same man. It’s a proud feeling for me knowing that my documentary is getting that kind of feedback.”

Finally, Elias confirmed what his favorite moment is so far in his WWE career.

“Man, there have been so many cool moments. Man, you’re gonna put me on the spot like that. It’s hard to narrow it down- I’ve had so many cool moments. The documentary; the album; WrestleMania… I mean, the concert on Bourbon Street was something you never expected to happen, so that was just amazing. Christmas day; John Cena and Monday night RAW. So, you know what- I’ll go with that.”

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