WWE Weighing Two Very Different Options For SummerSlam 2019 Location

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SummerSlam 2018 is going to be in Brooklyn New York again this year but that’s no big deal seeing how this is the fourth time the area has hosted the big event. The market is getting a lot of WWE action soon because WrestleMania is also set to be in the area.

But it looks like WWE might want to start getting some kind of different location for SummerSlam in the mix from this point on. After all, New York can’t get all of the good shows.

Wrestle Votes notes that we’ll be hearing an announcement concerning SummerSlam 2019 very soon. There is no exact information on which locations WWE is deciding on, but it’s said they are “two polar opposites on the map.”

Only time will tell where WWE holds the big event next year, but it wouldn’t be surprising for them to pick a huge venue to fill. After all, their indie competition is starting to fill bigger and bigger venues and after ROH’s MSG sellout, they might feel their competition on their heels.

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