New Japan Pro Wrestling Could Be Entering Into Dangerous Territory With New Authority Figure


Herald Meij is the new president of NJPW and he’s looking to bring the company to world domination soon enough. He has a lot of good ideas and it looks like he’s going to start appearing on television more often.

After appearing to make a non-title match a title contest at a recent show, he is showing signs of being a babyface authority figure, but an authority figure nonetheless. Dave Meltzer loves New Japan Pro Wrestling and advised against this new idea on Wrestling Observer Radio because he’s seen how much trouble this kind of thing has gotten him into before.

“I gotta say this about Herald Meij. Every time I see him in a television role it scares me because I’ve seen too many authority figures in television roles. Sometimes its fine, but often it’s not. But hopefully, this will be one of the cases where it’s not.”

It was noted how NJPW pulled a WWE move where the Tongans got to win the titles as a way to get heat. So who knows how far this will go with Meij? But it’s certainly looking somewhat familiar so far.

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