Chasing Glory Recap w/ Renee Young – Relationship With Dean Ambrose, Total Divas Experience, Goals in WWE, More!

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Lillian Garcia welcomes Renee Young to the show.

Garcia admits that when Young showed up in WWE she became filled with insecurity. She laughs about it now, but at that time she knew how good Young was, and she was scared that Young was going to take her position within the company. Young can’t believe that Garcia felt that way, but she notes that the entertainment industry breeds insecurity.

Young informs that she had no idea what her role was going to be in WWE after they hired her. She was working for the Score television network in Canada where she hosted a RAW pre-show, and she assumed she’d be doing something similar to that in WWE. She soon found out that WWE had bigger plans than that for her, and she’s much closer to the product than she anticipated.

Young admits that she doesn’t really feel comfortable in the spotlight, although she grew up seeking that attention. She notes that she doesn’t handle it well when people call her pretty or beautiful. She also thinks her love of comedy comes from trying to handle pain, as her parents split when she was a young girl and this led to her having to split time between her mother and father.

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