Lillian Garcia welcomes Renee Young to the show.

Garcia admits that when Young showed up in WWE she became filled with insecurity. She laughs about it now, but at that time she knew how good Young was, and she was scared that Young was going to take her position within the company. Young can’t believe that Garcia felt that way, but she notes that the entertainment industry breeds insecurity.

Young informs that she had no idea what her role was going to be in WWE after they hired her. She was working for the Score television network in Canada where she hosted a RAW pre-show, and she assumed she’d be doing something similar to that in WWE. She soon found out that WWE had bigger plans than that for her, and she’s much closer to the product than she anticipated.


Young admits that she doesn’t really feel comfortable in the spotlight, although she grew up seeking that attention. She notes that she doesn’t handle it well when people call her pretty or beautiful. She also thinks her love of comedy comes from trying to handle pain, as her parents split when she was a young girl and this led to her having to split time between her mother and father.

She adds that she wasn’t really close to her brother growing up but as the years have passed they’ve become quite close. They’ve developed a mutual respect for each other, as they’ve both found success in their individual fields of work. She also points out that he’s the only other person who understands what she went through growing up.

Young feels that WWE noticed her through the WWE coverage she did in Canada. They eventually brought her in for an interview and audition, but she didn’t think it went well at all. She was put through the ringer that day, and she even had to do commentary with Matt Striker at one point.

Garcia points out that she felt so out of her element during her audition as well. She was also asked to do commentary for a match and she didn’t even know the characters at that point. Young was ultimately given a one year contract and was very excited because she wanted to move to the United States and this would make her dream happen.

Initially WWE wanted to call her Renee Sterling but Young didn’t really like that. They allowed her to submit a bunch of other name ideas and although she preferred Renee Ryan, they settled on Young. She wishes they would have allowed her to keep her real name, but she notes that there’s no point in worrying about that now.

Young has been in WWE for 6 years now, and although time is flying by she feels like she has adapted to the lifestyle. She thinks she adjusted to the road very quickly, and she points out that everyone within the company can relate to each other, so when someone is cranky or tired you give them some slack.

She admits that working on Total Divas was very difficult. Her husband, Dean Ambrose, is a very private person, and she describes the experience as “very odd”. She doesn’t think their presentation on that show was very authentic to their relationship, because she was told to protect the “crazy” Ambrose character throughout filming. Looking back, she thought she came off as an annoying girlfriend for the majority of the season.

Young informs that her and Ambrose made the decision one night at 1 AM to get married, and they made it happen that night. Ambrose had to fly out for work the next morning but they managed to get married throughout the early hours of the morning before he flew out. She informs that her relationship with Ambrose started simply by them talking.

She mentions that her and Ambrose always just talked, and she didn’t realize at that time that Ambrose didn’t really talk to anyone. They were together for almost four years together before they got married and they’re enjoying their life together. She admits that she’s beginning to have baby fever, but she’s not in any rush to get pregnant.

Moving forward, Young mentions that she wants to be able to step into the spotlight a bit more. She misses the artistic side of the stuff she was doing before joining WWE, and she’d like to utilize her brain more moving forward.

She says she enjoyed doing commentary in NXT, but she didn’t really like it on Main Event. She thought her strengths were highlighted in a 3-man booth, whereas a 2-man booth stressed her out and she didn’t feel that she was doing the matches justice.

That sums up today’s episode of Chasing Glory. You can listen to the show yourself anytime here, and I’ll catch ya next week for another recap!

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