Sami Callihan took on Pentagon Jr. in a Mask vs. Hair match at Slammiversary for Impact Wrestling. The luchador in Pentagon Jr. was victorious, meaning Callihan was forced to have his head shaved by the end of the night.

While on the ramp as guards and Fenix had oVe at bay, Pentagon Jr. was able to provide Callihan with a haircut. It now appears a fan has taken a good portion of the hair and is intent on selling it for $100 Canadian dollars on eBay.

The seller appears to be open to offers, but will apparently only send to those in Canada and potentially even the United States. You can view the product here.

Check out a screenshot of the page and sale below:


What are your thoughts after seeing this? What is the strangest wrestling item you’ve seen up for purchase on a site such as eBay? Sound off in the comments below.

Steve Carrier

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