CM Punk lost to Mike Jackson at UFC 225, seemingly ending his career in MMA with a 0-2 record. During his recent appearance on X-Pac 12360, Matt Riddle, who is expected to be WWE bound, commented on what went wrong for the former WWE Champion in UFC.

Riddle knows a thing or two about MMA. The wrestler has a record of 8-3 in MMA. Speaking with Sean ‘X-Pac’ Waltman, Riddle revealed what he believes to be a huge mistake on Punk’s part.

“CM Punk, for example, he started training MMA. Did he start at like a local Jiu-Jitsu gym? No. He went to Duke Roufus, he went to one of the biggest camps in the world with some of the toughest people and I’ll tell you this that’s probably the worst thing he could’ve done. Because there are a bunch of killers there that want to beat you up.”

“They don’t go five miles per hour. They already know all the moves and they’re going to put the beat on you because that’s what you do in fights. While I personally think he probably should’ve gone and got a couple personal trainers, like a personal Jiu-Jitsu instructor — a personal Muay Thai instructor got his hands, his feet, everything educated. He’s Jiu-Jitsu educated. And then started to maybe roll with a couple white belts, some blue belts that aren’t at the highest level school in your area and then eventually you make your way to the killers. Then you can be a killer yourself. But I think he just hopped in way to quick.”

What Riddle is claiming is that Punk chose to go with Duke Roufus’ camp- which is notorious for their experienced fighters. Punk chose to start at the top, instead of working from the bottom up, which ultimately led to his failure.

It remains to be seen what does happen with Punk moving forward, as he has confirmed he is no longer interested in pro wrestling and his UFC career seems to be in the rear view mirror now too.


Do you agree with Riddle? Do you feel this wouldn’t have made a difference? Sound off in the comments below.

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